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Our goal is to equip 1 billion people with digital and highincome skills that will help them grow their capacity, start their business & gain financial freedom.

Chris ani


The ratio between my earnings as a medical doctor and as a crypto trader is massive. If I earn 1 naira as a medical doctor working for the government, I make 7 naira from crypto trading. This was made possible after I took the Trade and Make Money Course.

Dr Otumo Jr.


Adewale Adedamola

Our courses will equip you with real time skills that can help you make money from the comfort of you home as they are taught by real time experts, practitioners and business leaders who have built something, gained financial freedom from the skill and are making money from skillset.

Adewale Adedamola

Facilitator - Design and Earn Course

DABA is an online education platform where individuals and organizations gain relevant strategies, and in demand global skills for scaling, wealth creation and financial freedom

Stephanie ronald


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Our courses

Start a course today. You do not need a degree or any kind of qualification to enroll. Below is a list of all our training programs we think might interest you.

Trade and Make Money

Do you want to make money trading cryptos on an exchange like Binance? Then enroll in this course which takes you on a journey to becoming a profitable cryptotrader without losing your capital. This course will show you time proven and tested strategies you can use to spot profitable coins. You will gain a lifetime access to the course and one year access to the Cryptohub Private Trading signal and discussion room where you are shown what coins to buy, when to buy and also sell. You will also learn technical and fundamental analysis from Africa’s number one crypto influencer, Chris Ani.

Instructor: Chris Ani

Buy now for ₦120,038.75 ($176.5)

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How to Monetize WhatsApp

Making money with your whatsapp is easier with this course. In this course, you will learn how to monetize your whatsapp and turn it to a cash machine using simple strategies and information that has helped many daba students to make thousands of dollars.

Instructor: Chris Ani

Buy now for ₦12,450 ($18.3)

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Income Boosting Course

All wealth starts with income. This course takes you through the process and strategies of making money online. You will learn the art of doing business online and how people make thousands of dollars online just with a smartphone and/or laptop. This course is an online blueprint that shows you the tools, guidelines and strategies to use and grow your income.

Instructor: Chris Ani

Buy now for ₦15,562.5 ($22.9)

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Design & Earn Masterclass

Become a highly skilled and sought-after graphic designer. Graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire, inform and transform. They use industry leading tools to build innovative projects. In this course you will discover the skills needed to become an in demand visual thinker and communicator. With several modules in this course you will learn Everything from how to start as a beginner to a pro level, getting clients and sales(more money) to even building a great design brand and portfolio

Instructor: Adewale Adedamola Moses

Buy now for ₦38,906.25 ($57.2)

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User Interface and Experience Design (UI/UX)

UI stands for User interface. it majorly deals with the look, feel, responsiveness and interactiveness of a product. UX stands for user experience. This involves wire framing, strategy, planning and designing. In this course through strategic lessons you will learn how to become a UI/UX designer carrying out solid projects and earning massively.

Instructor: Adewale Adedamola Moses

Buy now for ₦54,468.75 ($80.1)

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Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course

Learn the step by step blueprint to making money online via Affiliate marketing from the comfort of your home, office and anywhere in the world. In this course you will learn from 19 years old Chigozie Emmanuel who has earned over 30 million Naira in the past 12months from Affiliate marketing and has used same formula to help many others to make a living from Affiliate marketing in over 6 nations.

Instructor: Chigozie Emmanuel

Buy now for ₦31,125 ($45.8)

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Video Production Masterclass

In this course you will learn the art of editing videos with ease using your laptop and phone.You will also learn the tools you need to make awesome videos . This video course comes with much bonus that will show you how to get free softwares and tools you need to edit and produce fantastic videos instead of buying them.

Instructor: Ransome Adewale

Buy now for ₦21,787.5 ($32.0)

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Cake Baking and Decoration

In this course you will learn how to bake and decorate sweet, lovely, mouth watering cake without going to a physical school. In this masterclass and online course Blessing umeh will show you how to make real money from cake baking and decoration business.You will see the tools and recipes used to produce fantastic cake even with low budget. Go to to get this course right now.

Instructor: Blessing Umeh

Buy now for ₦35,015.625 ($51.5)

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Drone Piloting and Business Course

Flying drones part time or full time can earn you money weekly as drone pilots are in high demand.Drone pilots are in demand.In this course David will show you how to become a drone pilot as you will learn how to fly a drone and how to make money from this fast growing drone industry even if you have zero experience. This course is going to be one of your biggest adventures.

Instructor: Opateyibo David

Buy now for ₦35,015.625 ($51.5)

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Youtube Monetization Course

The YouTube creator economy is worth $30 Billion and is still on the rise. This course is the complete guide for any beginner who knows nothing about YouTube to start, grow and monetize a YouTube channel, become an expert and build a lifetime income stream. It is also for those who already have a channel and want to do better.

Instructor: Chidinma Otutu

Buy now for ₦26,456.25 ($38.9)

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Millionaire Freelancing Course

The proven "Step-by-Step" guide designed to help Skilled and Unskilled Individuals become high-earning Freelancers raking in over $1000 within their first 90 days - without having any previous knowledge about Freelancing or selling their skills.

Instructor: Obrifior Kelvin

Buy now for ₦52,912.5 ($77.8)

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