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Trade and Make Money Online Masterclass

This is an easy-to-understand yet intensive course that’ll equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to make GOOD MONEY from the $2 trillion+ emerging market that many people aren’t talking about…

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It's 2022

2 years after the world-shaking pandemic…

You know the importance of financial prudence but saving money or building wealth isn’t easy these days.

Your salary has BARELY INCREASED, but prices have SKYROCKETED . The inflation is eating deep into your finances, and everywhere you turn, people tell you to invest; to build your wealth...

Money house

You saw a juicy offer of 30% ROI monthly - and they told you that they do forex trading or probably agribusiness.

You agreed and invested in it. Things were rosy for the first three months… and suddenly, both your capital and accumulated ROI were gone! It’s not your fault - you only wanted a better life for yourself!

But you fell into the wrong hands

If you purchase this course now, I am going to teach you how you can build wealth yourself.

There is a 2 trillion+ emerging market that many aren’t talking about… And because it’s an emerging market, you have the opportunity to come in NOW and make a good fortune for yourself.

Crypto trading has made church-rat-poor people into billionaires - LEGITIMATELY! You can join the wagon and build your wealth too. Save yourself from the growing inflation that the naira is suffering from by learning how to invest in and trade crypto.

We carefully designed this course to help people like you scale up in their crypto trading journey and learn how to maximize their profits. In this course, there are over 30 thorough videos that would take you from the beginner stage to a pro in crypto trading.

In this course you will learnVALUABLE and PRACTICAL lessons such as:

  • How to analyze the market with different techniques
  • The best fundamental analysis approach to the different asset classes. And also the different tools for effective fundamental analysis to improve your profitability in the market.
  • The trading psychology and the best mindset positioning.
  • How to do technical analysis, and different technical strategies to boost successful trades. You'll also be equipped on trading with technical indicators and everything you need to know about technical indicators.
  • in this course, you will learn the best practices about technical indicators
  • the price actions trading and pattern trading.
  • how to spot profitable trades using both fundamental and technical analysis.

To cut the long story short… This course will give you a knowledge of simple and effective tools to analyse the market.

You'll learn the;

  • exchange in crypto
  • decentralized and centralized crypto.
  • the pros and cons of crypto and staying profitable with them.
  • how to use Binance, TrustWallet, and lots more packaged in this course.

Of course, many sectors in crypto will continue to perform big - from Bitcoin, to Ethereum, to Defi, to NFTs, Metaverse, gaming, fan tokens, Polkadot and more ecosystems.

With this course and our discussion room, we’ll guide you on how to make money from these various crypto ecosystems.

At the end of your study with us, you'll be a pro, making consistent gains in the crypto market.

We know that success transcends teaching and involves guidance. Thus, you’ll gain access to these as bonuses to this course:

The Private Signal Room

You get a 1-year FREE access to the Cryptohub Signal Room where you’ll get calls with points of entry, profit, exit and stop loss. After One year, you have the option of renewing your subscription.

The Private Exchange Group

One of the strongest indicators for early success in crypto is your network. We’re all about your success, therefore, we’ll provide you with access to a network of over 200 traders from Africa and beyond with whom you can trade your coins.

The Traders’ Chatroom

You’ll get to discuss, analyze, and monitor trends, updates, and issues among the market’s top traders.

Our Trade And Make Money Online course is designed to help you achieve success in crypto trading at the earliest time possible.

Have you lost a fortune to crypto trading? Or, you’ve never made valuable money trading on your own without guidance? This course is for you!

You can be like the 3,000+ students who have seen SIGNIFICANT CHANGES in their financial life after taking this course.

Check out the testimonies of some of them:

I came into DABA to gain knowledge about the crypto space, and I went from being broke to becoming a millionaire within a year


The ratio between my earnings as a medical doctor and as a crypto trader is massive. If I earn 1 naira as a medical doctor working for the government, I make 7 naira from crypto trading. This was made possible after I took the Trade and Make Money Course

Dr. Otumo

DABA has greatly helped my income. Crypto trading made me my first 1 million naira.


Chris is the only guy I can recommend for Crypto in Nigeria. He knows his stuff. He is an expert.

Ubong Kingsley Udoh

Within 3 weeks of implementing what I learnt from the Trade and Make Money Course, I bought a car worth 3.7 million naira, and sent 6 million naira for my house project in the village.


I made $500 on my first trade after taking the Trade and Make Money Course


You can’t go wrong learning from Chris Ani, the guy is a great soul with massive value to offer.

Caleb Wright

I paid attention to Mr Chris’s 30 Wisdom Keys For Trading, which helped me manage my emotions while trading. In less than a month, my trading capital of $250 grew to $1500


Want this kind of change in your life too?

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You should take this course if:

  • You believe you’re capable of being wealthier than you currently are
  • You’re tired of how inflation eats into your earnings
  • You need a trusted way of growing your wealth and becoming financially free
  • You want to secure the future for yourself and your kids
  • You’re tired of making the wrong financial decisions and investments
  • You’ve not yet made it big as a crypto trader

Do you fall into any of these categories? The Trade And Make Money Online course is for you!

Get your access to it now!

Meet your Instructors

Chris Ani is an insightful teacher, author, entrepreneur, startup advisor, cryptotrader and investor.

He is passionate about helping people create wealth and achieve success. A passion that birthed, the first African education platform for digital and high income skill learning, with students in over 15 nations.

In 2017, Chris Ani pioneered, the first platform in Nigeria for bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency education, which receives monthly web visitors from over 40 nations.

He is the 2020 recipient of the Binance Influencer Award for Africa and the Middle East.

Nolan Amadi is a software developer, data research analyst, blockchain and crypto maximalist.

He is the Chief Technical Analyst, Digital Abundance and manages the first and leading blockchain and crypto education platform in Nigeria, CryptoHub.

As a developer and data driven player, he's goal is to harness and utilize proven efficient strategies to blur the gap between investment building, profit engagement and portfolio management over the odds surrounding the industry.

He's passionate about teaching and building strategies to scale communities of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts.

Downloading the Binance app, funding your wallet, and trading crypto are not difficult things to do… Everyone who owns a smartphone can do that.

But, ask yourself this: is everyone who owns a smartphone wealthy? Is every crypto enthusiast I know raking in thousands of dollars weekly?

No, they’re not!

Financial wealth as a crypto trader goes beyond knowing how to operate crypto apps or jumping on referrals from new coins.

To become wealthy as a crypto trader, you need:

  • To get the right knowlege, at the right time.
  • Guidance on how to act, and when to act.
  • Someone who can guide you away from the potholes you’re most likely to fall into as a newbie.

And these are what you get access to when you buy the Trade And Make Money Online course.

man showing dollar and rupee

A tried and tested program designed to help you become successful in crypto - no matter how many times you’ve failed and lost your fortunes.

This is a course that will fuel your passion to make legitimate money. It’s an eye-opener that will guide you to where the money in crypto is. And you can get it for half of its price - if you take action TODAY!

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