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UI and UX are two different but integral branches of graphic design which deal with the responsiveness and relatability of an IT product. UI and UX are not the typical branches of design as they go beyond colors, shapes and fonts. They deal with how the User relates, sees and is able to use a product, be it a site, application, or casual design.

What is UI?

UI stands for User Interface. It majorly deals with the look, feel, responsiveness and interactiveness of a product.

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What is UX?

UX stands for User Experience. This involves wireframing, strategy planning and designing.

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What is the difference between UI/UX and graphic design?

UI/IX reaches into marketing, coding and programming, sociology and management, design and content development to cover aspects that graphic design never could.

UI and UX does more than just colours, shapes, designs and concepts as opposed to graphic design. And although a UI/UX designer may be able to handle basic design gigs, a graphic designer has no insight into the world of UI and UX. The difference is unmergeable.

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Why take this class?

The real question here is WHY NOT?

If you take this course I will take you through strategic lessons and training on how to become a UI/UX designer, and also give you startup tips for your first few months.

Here are other reasons why you should enrol for this course.


You gain access to the lessons for a lifetime


Classes are online: You can join from any corner of the world


Premium knowledge: A Seasoned tutor with years of experience will give only the best teachings.

How your Experience design course is laid out

Module 1


Module 2

Basic Principles of Design (reCAP)

Module 3

How to Interpret Project Brief

Module 4

Designing a User Flow/Story

Module 5


Module 6

User Interface Design – App

Module 7

User Interface Design – Web

Module 8


Module 9

Working with Developers

Module 10

Working with Clients

Module 11

Portfolio Management

Module 12

Career opportunities in UI/UX

Adedamola has tutored hundreds of students with testimonials below.You're in good hands.

Damola has a way of simplifying designs and making you fall in love with them, as usual his delivery is fast, sweet , simple and accurate .this course empowers you with ui/ux skill to compete at the global level .

Chris Ani

Founder, Daba,School

β€œMoski is literally the best person to learn design from, because he teaches you the basics and all you need to know about design. I could remember i used a week to learn, when some other people were telling me I'll need to use at least months while working under them and running errands for In conclusion, Moski is the right person to meet if you want to learn about design because he would surely put you on the right path and always guide you, even till today his dm is always open anytime I have questions or I'm confused about somethings.”

Folajimi Idowu

Price of this course:

$534 NGN 363,120

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Meet Your Teacher

Adewale Adedamola is a Product designer and Brand strategist. He is lead designer at Aorthar, a team of young creatives ranging from designers, developers and content developers, having executed and participated in so many product and design projects.

He currently manages Motivv, a platform where designers get to connect with clients all over the world. He is also the brand manager for, a teacher and mentor to more than 2000 design mentees in Nigeria.

UIUX Preview
UIUX Preview

This course is for everybody –– Including you

>> If you are tired of just low income from Graphic design, then this course is for you

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>> Fresh out of the University? This is for you

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>> If you want to make money from the comfort of your home and any where in the world

>> You want to gain a skill in the Design industry without going to a physical school

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