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Millionaire Freelancing Course

The proven "Step-by-Step" guide designed to help Skilled and Unskilled Individuals become high-earning Freelancers raking in over $1000 within their first 90 days - without having any previous knowledge about Freelancing or selling their skills.


How To Start, Grow, And Scale A 7-Figure Freelancing Business In 2022

I have a problem with small money. Whenever people hear me say this, they think it's pride but it is just me being me.

I realized that the little money I was earning from my 9 - 5 would not get me close to my dreams, so I needed a way to get there faster but legally… but then, there was another tiny problem…

I wanted the BIG BUCKS but didn't have the capital and heavy funds to start a business that could earn me that dream BIG MONEY! Most of the online business models I searched out required huge funds to start.

See, let me be frank with you now… The money I had then was as little as a mustard seed so getting any form of capital to start an online business was a NO-NO! I had no choice but to keep searching until I found FREELANCING.

Listen, if you have a skill, I can teach you how to get the "BIG MONEY" in the freelancing business, just because I have a problem with small money.

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A few months ago, with investors on my neck, my wedding close at hand and a crashed business, my mental health dwindling, and struggling to eat, God used freelancing to save my life.

It was a crazy morning for me when I woke up to my e-commerce business in shambles and threats from investors

Before this, I had left the freelancing business to focus on my e-commerce business but it was crazy and almost killed me. For some reason, I went back to freelancing and made so much money that in 4 months I was able to clear all debts. So, if there is one thing I know, it is freelancing and I know it to its core!

And that's why I bring you the…

millioniare freelance tutor

Inside the Course you will discover

What is Freelancing.

How to begin as a freelancer

How to excel and make big bucks as freelancer - (Newbies & experienced freelancers).

The Right Mindset towards freelancing

Top Freelance platforms and how to join them

How to create and properly set up your Upwork account for instant approval.

The full-packed Modus Operandi of Upwork.

The secret art of winning almost every job you bid for on upwork.

Top Freelance platforms and how to join them

How to create and properly set up your Upwork account for instant approval.

The secret art of winning almost every job you bid for on upwork

How to quickly achieve the top-rated badge on Upwork in less than 6 Months.

High-Income skills that can earn you more than $1,000 per gig.

How to receive your payments easily and securely

How to become a proper freelancer and not just a title holder.

How to get jobs as freelancers off the Upwork platform.

How to properly manage clients to grow your freelance business

And lots more.

You also get Access to these Bonuses

A LinkedIn Hack to attracting More clients (My Dessert for Urgent 7 figures)

My custom-made system, the RRS guide to getting jobs on Upwork (writing proposals that clients cannot say no to)

The proposal templates that I have personally used to generate over $30,000+ on Upwork. (Plug and Play)

A secret method of getting your payments from Upwork to your bank account within 1 hour with rates slightly higher than your local exchangers

Access to a closed community where you get LIVE updates and mentorship from the instructor.

Access to the latest updates on Upwork, hacks, trending skills, profile updates, and more.

Regular Upwork Profile review from the instructor,

Pointers on how to quickly learn Skills that pay you more than $1,000 per Contract .

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Some of my results

I have earned over $30k+ from December 2021 to June 2022 on Upwork and over $70k+ as a freelancer so far on the freelance platforms and then off the freelance platforms, $10k.

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Who this course is for

New freelancers that want a step-by-step guide to start earning good bucks online ASAP

People with limited funds, but seek to make money and have no way to go.

People who are looking to create a side-hustle or full-time source of online income.

People who are looking to leave their (9 - 5) jobs for better paying jobs with freedom to work on personal terms.

People who have already tried freelancing and had no success doing it.

People currently freelancing but having little or no success at all.

If you have a skill, I can teach you how to get the big monies (Because I have a problem with small money)

People who have never heard of the word freelancing before.

People who have been freelancers before but need the big money too.

Who this course is not for

People that are looking for quick money (The Ponzi scheme mentality)

People who are after the little $5 gigs

People who think too small

People who give unnecessary stress and fail to follow simple directions

Meet Your

millionaire course instructor

Obrifior Kelvin is from Delta State, Nigeria. He is the first child in a family of 6. He graduated in the year 2015 and got into the online space in the year 2018.

The term “Be your own boss” made so much sense to him even though he never really understood what it meant. He quit his 9-5 job in June 2018 to focus on freelancing which paid him more than his 9-5 job.

As a freelancer, he writes whitepapers, creates tokenomics for crypto companies and projects, and has made over $70k+ from his freelancing career

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